ABOUT TAIFFALO        [Taiwanese][Big-5]


It means Taiwan Buffalo. I created it, because water buffalo is a symbol of hard working for Taiwanese nation. Taiwanese people always work hard for their lives, their homeland, Taiwan independence, and green peace in the world.


Taiffalo's full name is Wi-Vun Taiffalo Chiung. He obtained his Ph.D degree in linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Taiffalo was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1971. He is a promoter of Taiwanese languages and Taiwanese independence. He is full time professor in the Department of Taiwanese Literature at the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan.


Computer, photography, fishing, wild lives, wild nature, and speak Taiwanese.


2001-2000 President of LINGUA: The Linguistics Circle at UTA.

2000-1999 Vice president of LINGUA: The Linguistics Circle at UTA.

2000-1998 Committee member of Taiwanese Collegian.

1998 President of Taiwanese Student Association at UT-Arlington.

1996 Member of '5% Taiwanese Translation Project'

1996 Work for Ng Bi-eng, a candidate of Green Party Taiwan for National Representative election.

1995 Graduated from Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan.

1995 Member of TBTS Taiwanese Writing Club.

1995 Member of Taiwanese Promotion Association.

1994 Announcer of the program "Dear's Homeland" at "Voice of the Masses" radio station.

1994 Member of the History and Culture Investigation Team of Ketagalan( a tribe in Taiwan)

1992 Editer of Taigi Hakseng(Taiwanese Student)

1992 Member of the Students Taiwanese Promotion Association.

1991-1995 Columnist of " Discourses of Kouchapeh, the Old Man" in the monthly magazine A-Kong-Tiam.

1991 Founder of the Taiwanese Language and Culture Study Association at Tamkang University.

1990 Graduated from Kaohsiung Senior High School.



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