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Chit篇文章ê目的是beh探討越南人開始學台語êkhah容易出差錯ê發音錯誤。本文針對越南話häm台語做音韻系統ê對比分析,ah koh33位越南人來做台語語音êbat實驗。實驗結果證明越南人對台語ê /ts//tsh//kh//l/ kap台語第七聲khah gâu出差錯。




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Sound Errors by Vietnamese Learners of Taiwanese


Wi-vun Taiffalo Chiung

National Cheng-kung University


This paper examines the potential sound errors produced by Vietnamese learners of Taiwanese. Contrastive analysis of the sound systems between Vietnamese and Taiwanese was first provided, and experiments with 33 Vietnamese were conducted to see how the subjects produce and perceive Taiwanese sounds and tones. The results show that Vietnamese speakers are more likely to have sound errors in /ts/, /tsh/, /kh/, /l/ and the seventh tone when they are learning the Taiwanese language.